Here at WATERMANS®: APPLIED SCIENCE, we believe that performance is paramount to success.  Our Zero Migration formulas never bleed in your eyes, make your hands slippery, wear off prematurely or negatively affect your performance. Every ingredient and attribute is individually chosen to provide the ultimate broad-spectrum protection without sacrifice, and it is this unique combination of unbeatable protection and undeniable performance that makes WATERMANS'® the sunscreen program of choice for amateurs and professionals alike.


Micronized Mineral Protection: Unlike organic sunscreens, micronized mineral sunscreens are insoluble, protect against the entire spectrum of UVA/UVB radiation and will not break down over time.  This makes them the sunscreen of choice for endurance athletes and anyone who spend extended periods of time outdoors without the opportunity to reapply.

Organic Sunscreens: Organic sunscreens are soluble and therefore more resistant to wiping, sweating and abrasion.  Each sunscreen targets specific wavelengths of the UV spectrum (UVA or UVB). This makes them ideal for strategic use in sports specific products as a backup for Micronized Mineral sunscreens.

Base Lotion: WATERMANS'® base lotion allows the skin to breath, holds the sunscreens in place, and provides additional performance based attributes, such as sweat and water resistance, Non-Slip with Grip and Zero-Migration.  Moreover, it is packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to help repair damage and keep your skin looking and feeling great after each use.