Important Recall Notice:

Watermans Sunscreen is crafted to meet a very high quality standard. It’s come to our attention that a recent batch of our Aqua Armor SPF 50 lotion does not meet our high quality standard. The separation of water from the lotion when you squeeze the pouch is an indication that you have received product from this batch. Although the product is still effective, the water is a nuisance and can make the lotion difficult to spread. If you had this experience with the Aqua Armor lotion we will replace your product so that you can have the true Watermans Aqua Armor experience. If you experienced this with your Aqua Armor lotion please contact us for a product replacement by calling us at 714-891-1695 or by entering your name and email address in the fields below and we will contact you within 3-5 business days.