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::FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:: The Stars come out in support of the 2012 Watermans Paddle for Humanity

Chuck Patterson, Connor Baxter, Jamie Mitchell and others join forces in support of the Paddle for Humanity


Orange County, CA – The world’s top paddlers have committed to compete in the first stop of 2012 Watermans Paddle for Humanity on April 28th, in Dana Point, CA. Molokai-2-Oahu world champions Conner Baxter and Jamie Mitchell will be joined by elite athletes Chuck Patterson, Rob Rojas and Slater Trout in showing their support for the award winning philanthropic race series. Chuck Patterson is headlining Saturday morning’s event, and will be unveiling the “Chuck Patterson Signature Series Rally Race” – a unique format designed to challenge the skill, fitness and adaptability of each athlete.

You don’t have to wait until Saturday to meet this all-star lineup.  Kona Brewing will be hosting a pre-party Friday night, April 27th, at the Doheny Double-Tree. 10x World Champion and Battle of the Paddle Champion, Jamie Mitchell will preview (more…)

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Watermans January Desktop Calendar

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Watermans dominates The SUP Awards!


As of last time I checked Watermans Athletes are up for no less than TEN awards at the first annual SUP Awards and another five nominations for Movie of the Year and Top Philanthropic Effort.  So VOTE! (Yeah, you can click that link.)


Top Male Paddler:


Top Female Athlete


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Rob Rojas and Kyle Mochizuki 24 Hour Charity Paddle

It’s 10:00 PM on the West coast, and most of us are finishing up our day. Picking sand out of various crevices, tucking in the kids, and getting ourselves ready for bed. But while we sleep, and when we wake up, Rob Rojas and Kyle Mochizuki will still be paddling. They are supporting Love 146.Org, an organization that serves to combat child sex trafficking around the globe. The goal is to raise awareness and or money to support the cause. Go to www.Love for more info. If you’d like to donate you can type in ‘Rob Rojas’ for a link to the page.
Special thanks to Rob for organizing this and for standing up for something he believes in. Cheers pal!
You guys are going to be really sick of that island…



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Training Day with SUP Elite Racer Rob Rojas



Lets get creative!!!

Hey friends! Hope all is well out there in the active people world. I know everyone is out there striving to train harder, striving to paddle faster, striving to perfect their buoy turns, and always searching for that secret potion to improved performance. What I have been thinking about lately is how to make workouts more fun and how to get creative especially while away from home or the gym that we find all too familiar and perhaps even boring after a while. (more…)

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The art of the forward stroke by Quikblades’ Jim Terrel

Love or hate SUP, the art of moving forward through the water is universal.  Surfing, Kayaking and swimming all draw from the same basic principals to obtain maximum efficiency whether you’re trying to catch a wave, cross the finish line or simply get from A to B.  Quickblade’s <www.quickblades.comJim Terrell is a four time Olympian (most for USA!) and a true authority when it comes to stroke technique.

[youtube e3uxyS-art8&feature=share]

Video featuring Watermans Rob Rojas.



Buy Now

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WOD-SUP Calls out Miami Beach SUP paddlers

mitch and micah

So this goes out to the Standup Paddle community of Miami and Deerfield beach:  You are all quick to claim the how SUP has changed your life, improved your performance and whipped you into stellar shape.  You preach the “core” workout like true saints.  But are you willing to prove it in the arena?”

The original WOD-SUP was a blowout.  SUP Paddlers from all over the LA/Orange County area flocked to the Newport Dunes to battle it out with the worlds best.  Rob Rojas, Brandi Baksic and a host of the areas top SUP competitors were on hand.  In the end it was 51-year old Orange County Waterman Mitch Kahn (more…)

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What I learned from Kelly Slater

SurfAid7131When it comes to equipment the choices far outweigh the relevance.

If Kelly Slater taught us anything over the last twenty years it is simply that he is unique.  How else can one explain ten world titles spread out over 17 years of continual progression?    Regardless, surfing culture became the culture of Kelly Slater.   Surfers around the globe wore what he wore, rode what he rode and aspired to his every move.  Somewhere along the way, every one of us failed to notice that the same approach didn’t do squat for 100+ of the world best competitive surfers as they attempted to dethrone the king.  Yet we soldiered on, (more…)

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Take care of your board and your board will take care of you

Excerpt from original post at w/ additional insight from Watermans.

A race board is an elite piece of equipment. Its like a race horse, a race car, a road bike, etc. They need to be handled with care and not be treated like the next piece of crap, good for nothin, chunk of God forsaken foam that came out of Aunt Edna’s basement. Here are some tips to maximize the life of your race board. (more…)

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The 5 Most Influential Standup Paddlers of 2010: Part 3

Part three of our fun little pole brings us to perhaps the hardest working man in SUP.
by Chris Bishow


Completely confident, a friendly smile as he’s surrounded by friends, yet somehow standing slightly awkwardly. He gazes at the horizon as if called to look there. As the group of friends banter casually in conversation they don’t notice that Rob has slipped away. By the time they notice, he is a speck, heading towards the horizon. Not looking the least bit awkward.
His narrow set eyes tell a story, something urges you to dive into them and drown in the depth of their blue. It’s as if he knows something more, something great, but he isn’t ready to give up his secret just yet.

I’ve heard stories, and although I cannot prove any of them, I believe them to be true. Stories of impossible night time swims, stories of showing up to peoples houses via the ocean, and stories of ridiculously long solo training paddles.
It doesn’t really matter weather these stories are fact or fiction, because it is instantly apparent that Rob has a special relationship with the ocean. He has a comfort level in the water rarely achieved by even the most dedicated of watermen.

An enigma of sorts, Rob’s influential qualities come from hours piled upon hours of immersion in what he considers a necessity. It’s not only the time spent training and paddling, but the intensity at which he travails. What’s more impressive is the dedication to the full time career and full time family duties that take precedence over the calls of the ocean. An unmatched work ethic and dedication to every aspect of his life make Rojas a role model for the ages. He’s as influential as they get.

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