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::FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:: The Stars come out in support of the 2012 Watermans Paddle for Humanity

Chuck Patterson, Connor Baxter, Jamie Mitchell and others join forces in support of the Paddle for Humanity


Orange County, CA – The world’s top paddlers have committed to compete in the first stop of 2012 Watermans Paddle for Humanity on April 28th, in Dana Point, CA. Molokai-2-Oahu world champions Conner Baxter and Jamie Mitchell will be joined by elite athletes Chuck Patterson, Rob Rojas and Slater Trout in showing their support for the award winning philanthropic race series. Chuck Patterson is headlining Saturday morning’s event, and will be unveiling the “Chuck Patterson Signature Series Rally Race” – a unique format designed to challenge the skill, fitness and adaptability of each athlete.

You don’t have to wait until Saturday to meet this all-star lineup.  Kona Brewing will be hosting a pre-party Friday night, April 27th, at the Doheny Double-Tree. 10x World Champion and Battle of the Paddle Champion, Jamie Mitchell will preview (more…)

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A Decade of Dominance – Jamie Mitchell


The Waterman and his whip – the Molokai 2 Oahu World Championships.  This is worth a look.


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Watermans Rory Greg featured in The Milk Crate Mag

excerpt from complete article at

You have been featured on the Waterman’s Applied Science blog, which has become a popular destination for readers seeking information on a variety of aquatic pursuits.  In doing so, you have joined the ranks of a legendary set of athletes, including Chuck Patterson and Jamie Mitchell.  How did you become involved with the Waterman’s crew?

Well, to even be mentioned in the same sentence as those guys is one of the most flattering statements that has ever been said to me. I have a long way to go to be considered legendary status, and short of pedaling my Hobie Pro Angler to 10 World Titles, or dropping into 50-foot waves on a Hobie SUP, I am proud to represent a brand that represents the best athletes in the outdoors industry. I approached Watermans over a year ago, after getting some samples from a friend of mine, who is a former rep of theirs, and they also carry the brand at my Hobie dealer, Black Creek Outfitters. It was the best sunscreen I had ever used, and since I have been working with Watermans, I have never been sunburned since. Being a kayak angler and a surfer, I have always considered myself a waterman, and being a true waterman is having a passion for your core sport(s), but also being driven to try other waterman sports just for the sake of being on the water. Spending countless hours on the water throughout my life, I use a ton of sunscreen, and being a fair skinned Irish guy, having the right sunscreen has always been crucial to staying on the water for hours on end. Watermans has the perfect match of protection and quality as a brand, and the people at Watermans Applied Science are passionate about all water sports and the protection of the athletes driving them. When I first spoke to Pete Sterling there, he was intrigued with the opportunity of representing a professional kayak angler as they hadn’t really made a push into the kayak angling arm of the outdoors industry yet. It was a win-win partnership, but the proof had to be in the pudding, and as with any sponsorn you have to earn it and then reciprocate to your sponsoring brands by driving exposure to the brand. Through my consistent tourney results, seminars and events, and editorial endeavors, their support has been outstanding, and at the end of the day being protected from skin cancer will keep me on the water for decades to come!


To check out the complete article and learn more about Rory’s exploits read the full article HERE


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Jamie Mitchell wins Surfing Life’s Oakley Big Wave Award – Largest Paddle in Wave



No contest singlets… no ratings points… just one really big wave…


The best day in five years at Western Australia’s Cow Bombie has given Damien “Taco” Warr the big cheque in Surfing Life’s Oakley Big Wave Awards.

At a typically raucous presentation last night in Sydney, Warr accepted $20,000 for the biggest wave ridden in Australasian waters for the past year and immediately paid tribute to other riders – in particular Queensland’s Jamie Mitchell, who won the biggest paddle-in ride on the same day. (more…)

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PRESS RELEASE: Jamie Mitchell signed by Reef


Cardiff, California’s Rob Machado, 38, surfing’s longtime icon of style, re-signed a footwear deal with Reef, extending their relationship for the next three years. Machado is a traveling ambassador of the Reef Modern Gypsy lifestyle and will represent Reef’s premium leather sandal collection. In addition to re-signing Machado, Reef has also inked a footwear deal with all-round elite waterman and recent ASL/Oakley Big Wave Award recipient for Biggest Paddle in Wave, Jamie Mitchell. (more…)

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Jamie Mitchell wins Oakley Big Wave Award for Biggest Paddle in Wave


Yep, Jamie won again.  For more info check .


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WATERMANS cleans up at the 2011 Hennessey International Paddleboard Champs (results)

Left to right:  1st overall 14′ Paddleboard Jay Scheckman, 1st >39 UL SUP Jared Vargas, 1st overall 12’6 SUP Jamie Mitchell, 1st 40-49 14′ SUP Chuck Patterson, 1st overall Stock Paddleboard Brian Murphy.  (Full results below)

This is the start of a big two weeks for paddleboard and SUP racing.  Last Saturday was the Hennessey International Paddleboard World Championships in Hermosa Beach, leading up to the Battle of the Paddle in Dana Point this Saturday-Sunday.  Throw in the Victory Wetsuits Surf Race last Sunday, the Catalina Island and WOD SUP events in two weeks and the Island to Island Relay on the 8th and you’ve got yourself a run of six strong events within 40-miles of eachother.

If last weekend was any sign of what is to come the Watermans team looks like it will make a strong showing.  Jay Scheckman and Brian Murphy finished off the traditional paddleboard season taking home $1,000USD each for 1st overall finishes in Hermosa.

Most notably, Australian and 10x [traditional] paddleboard world champion Jamie Mitchell took the cash for  12’6 with an overall victory over last years Battle of the Paddle Champion Danny Ching.  Mitchell’s dominance proved that he hasn’t back down a bit since Molokai and made anyone questioning his commitment to reclaiming his BOP title think twice.  Watermans’ Brandi Baksic finished a solid 3rd leading into BOP weekend.

Brandi and Jamie both took 2nd in the Victory surf race event Sunday.




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Molokai 2011 video featuring Jamie Mitchell and Jeff Denholm

Featuring Watermans Jamie Mitchell and Jeff Denholm.

[vimeo 28910110]


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Kelly Slater claims Watermans Jamie Mitchell


When Kelly Slater called it a day with 1:25 left in heat 2, round 5, of the Quik NY Pro – leaving Jeremy Flores comboed and alone in foreign waters – respect probably wasn’t the first word that came to mind.


However, when Kelly hit the sand he didn’t claim it.  He didn’t remind us that he was the worlds best.  He didn’t spout off about the epic surf or the up coming semis.  He touted Jamie Mitchell.


Slater wasn’t the only 10x world champ in the water and he knew it.  (Mitchell was working as water patrol for the event.) The fact he took the time to share his spot light with a credible athlete who doesn’t get enough of that type of attention says a lot about the man.  It says a lot about the champion.



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How to Surf Better – Paddle faster w/ Watermans Jamie Mitchell

Originally posted at 

Somewhere on the way to his 10 championships, Jamie Mitchell picked up on a few things that can make anyone’s stroke more streamline. Photo: Hodgson/A-Frame

We could go on and on about the delicate intricacies of making you a better surfer (and trust us, we undoubtedly will) but there’s a seldom-sung-yet-hugely-important side to surfing that’s far too overlooked: Paddling. If you want to surf better, you’ll need to start catching more waves. And if you want to catch more waves, you’ll need to become a stronger paddler. To get your arms churning at capacity, we rang up 10-time paddleboard champ Jamie Mitchell for some insight. (more…)

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