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Watermans Chuck Patterson Paddles in at Jaws

You might know Chuck Patterson Skier, Chuck Patterson SUP racer or Chuck Patterson surfer, but the reason we love Chuck Patterson ’cause he does it all.  On this day he put down the paddle, grabbed a big board and left the ski in the garage for some good old fashion bare-fisted charging down the mountain of water known as Jaws, Maui.


Yep, he’s rocking the Watermans hard.

*** (more…)

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Chuck Patterson looks back at the Watermans Paddle for Humanity Austin Texas

watermans makes the best sunscreen and kona makes the best beer

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to give you a brief update on my last trip to Austin, Texas.
I went down for a quick 2 days to help run and support The Watermans Paddle For Humanity and (CPR) Chuck Patterson Rally races.
It was awesome to meet and paddle with so many new paddlers that love the sport.  Austin, Texas has so many great places to paddle with so much opportunity for growth its crazy.  I put on a paddle/race clinic the day before the race, where I spoke for 2 hours in front of 55 people about the growth of SUP, racing, equipment and nutrition.
Race day was awesome with about 150 racers of all levels competing and enjoying a full day of festivities.
I had a blast paddling and racing on the new Naish One 12’6 inflatable race board, which made for easy travel on and off the plane.  Its all about great food, friendly people and the good old outdoors. If you ever get the chance to visit , I fully recommend it.
Thanks again for all of your support.
Much Aloha,
Chuck P

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A brief moment in the Shadows with Chuck Patterson

Come check out Chuck Patterson’s latest creation – The CPR – at a Watermans Paddle for Humanity event near you.


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::FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:: The Stars come out in support of the 2012 Watermans Paddle for Humanity

Chuck Patterson, Connor Baxter, Jamie Mitchell and others join forces in support of the Paddle for Humanity


Orange County, CA – The world’s top paddlers have committed to compete in the first stop of 2012 Watermans Paddle for Humanity on April 28th, in Dana Point, CA. Molokai-2-Oahu world champions Conner Baxter and Jamie Mitchell will be joined by elite athletes Chuck Patterson, Rob Rojas and Slater Trout in showing their support for the award winning philanthropic race series. Chuck Patterson is headlining Saturday morning’s event, and will be unveiling the “Chuck Patterson Signature Series Rally Race” – a unique format designed to challenge the skill, fitness and adaptability of each athlete.

You don’t have to wait until Saturday to meet this all-star lineup.  Kona Brewing will be hosting a pre-party Friday night, April 27th, at the Doheny Double-Tree. 10x World Champion and Battle of the Paddle Champion, Jamie Mitchell will preview (more…)

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Water Freezes, but Chuck don’t care

Unofficial title: The return of Huck Splatterson


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Watermans Rory Greg featured in The Milk Crate Mag

excerpt from complete article at

You have been featured on the Waterman’s Applied Science blog, which has become a popular destination for readers seeking information on a variety of aquatic pursuits.  In doing so, you have joined the ranks of a legendary set of athletes, including Chuck Patterson and Jamie Mitchell.  How did you become involved with the Waterman’s crew?

Well, to even be mentioned in the same sentence as those guys is one of the most flattering statements that has ever been said to me. I have a long way to go to be considered legendary status, and short of pedaling my Hobie Pro Angler to 10 World Titles, or dropping into 50-foot waves on a Hobie SUP, I am proud to represent a brand that represents the best athletes in the outdoors industry. I approached Watermans over a year ago, after getting some samples from a friend of mine, who is a former rep of theirs, and they also carry the brand at my Hobie dealer, Black Creek Outfitters. It was the best sunscreen I had ever used, and since I have been working with Watermans, I have never been sunburned since. Being a kayak angler and a surfer, I have always considered myself a waterman, and being a true waterman is having a passion for your core sport(s), but also being driven to try other waterman sports just for the sake of being on the water. Spending countless hours on the water throughout my life, I use a ton of sunscreen, and being a fair skinned Irish guy, having the right sunscreen has always been crucial to staying on the water for hours on end. Watermans has the perfect match of protection and quality as a brand, and the people at Watermans Applied Science are passionate about all water sports and the protection of the athletes driving them. When I first spoke to Pete Sterling there, he was intrigued with the opportunity of representing a professional kayak angler as they hadn’t really made a push into the kayak angling arm of the outdoors industry yet. It was a win-win partnership, but the proof had to be in the pudding, and as with any sponsorn you have to earn it and then reciprocate to your sponsoring brands by driving exposure to the brand. Through my consistent tourney results, seminars and events, and editorial endeavors, their support has been outstanding, and at the end of the day being protected from skin cancer will keep me on the water for decades to come!


To check out the complete article and learn more about Rory’s exploits read the full article HERE


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Chuck Patterson on the Sunset Beach Pro Trials

Sunset Beach Pro SUP Surf World Tour Trials

It was a solid day of rising swell 6′-8′ swell with a bunch of 10′-12′ ft clean up sets. Went out at sunrise to get a couple good warm up waves and get the conditions dialed. I got a couple great waves and my Naish Hokua 9’8 was feeling great for the size.

Sure enough when you get a little comfortable, thats when it happens; Kai Lenny and I were paddling for this one steep bomb that I didn’t want to let go by and getting into it a little late, I air dropped down the face, landed and set up for the bottom turn just as the lip went over my head and shut the garage door, sending me deep to the bottom, rag dolling for several seconds trying to figure out which way was up and finally I climbed my leash rope to the surface for air. I came up laughing and collected my gear and paddled out to get a couple more just to keep my head in the game. (more…)

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WATERMANS cleans up at the 2011 Hennessey International Paddleboard Champs (results)

Left to right:  1st overall 14′ Paddleboard Jay Scheckman, 1st >39 UL SUP Jared Vargas, 1st overall 12’6 SUP Jamie Mitchell, 1st 40-49 14′ SUP Chuck Patterson, 1st overall Stock Paddleboard Brian Murphy.  (Full results below)

This is the start of a big two weeks for paddleboard and SUP racing.  Last Saturday was the Hennessey International Paddleboard World Championships in Hermosa Beach, leading up to the Battle of the Paddle in Dana Point this Saturday-Sunday.  Throw in the Victory Wetsuits Surf Race last Sunday, the Catalina Island and WOD SUP events in two weeks and the Island to Island Relay on the 8th and you’ve got yourself a run of six strong events within 40-miles of eachother.

If last weekend was any sign of what is to come the Watermans team looks like it will make a strong showing.  Jay Scheckman and Brian Murphy finished off the traditional paddleboard season taking home $1,000USD each for 1st overall finishes in Hermosa.

Most notably, Australian and 10x [traditional] paddleboard world champion Jamie Mitchell took the cash for  12’6 with an overall victory over last years Battle of the Paddle Champion Danny Ching.  Mitchell’s dominance proved that he hasn’t back down a bit since Molokai and made anyone questioning his commitment to reclaiming his BOP title think twice.  Watermans’ Brandi Baksic finished a solid 3rd leading into BOP weekend.

Brandi and Jamie both took 2nd in the Victory surf race event Sunday.




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Holiday Weekends…

Photos by Chuck and friends


Holiday weekends are what you make of them.  I’ve screwed off a bit to much this summer and as a result have relegated myself to spend the weekend with family and the puppies.  After a spring surftrip to El Salvador, monthly Nor Cal pilgrimages, Molokai, Catalina, wine tasting in Sanoma, event madness in Washington D.C., duck hunting in Mexico, etc… I’ve earned a break.  Just a quite weekend at home.  Right?

Meanwhile the swell of the summer hits the West coast, one huricane after another pounds the right coast and Chuck “Workoholic” Patterson sends me this shot from Nicaragua…


Screw it.  I’m going surfing.





Have fun, drive safe, surf hard

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Watermans dominates The SUP Awards!


As of last time I checked Watermans Athletes are up for no less than TEN awards at the first annual SUP Awards and another five nominations for Movie of the Year and Top Philanthropic Effort.  So VOTE! (Yeah, you can click that link.)


Top Male Paddler:


Top Female Athlete


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