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The Aussies Have Landed, by Mick Di Betta

Words and Photos by Mick Di Betta

After 2 days on the North shore, recovery from jet lag and some smoking Turtle Bay to Waimea Bay paddles, the large group of aussies here for the Molokai meet in town to paddle around Rbbit island and into Manalua Bay (the finish line for the Molokai race.
The conditions were very rough outside Rabbit Island and spread the field out from the start, making for interesting stories at the end. The middle section was great with good swells pushing all the way down past Sandy beach into Hanama Bay, where conditions turned interesting again along the cliffs to China walls and into the bay.
A good testing paddle to blow out the cob webs and get the mind and body ready for the punishment the Molokai channel can deal out.

– Mick


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