“Best sunscreen for Surfers!”

I have lived in Florida my whole life and in the last few years began long boarding.  After a few times of getting my face burnt I decided to Google “best sunscreen for surfers” and I found Watermans; I ordered an SPF 55 face stick and found that it worked super!  I’ve tried just about every sunscreen product out there and Watermans is hands down the best stuff I have ever used. I’m a redhead with fair skin, and it used to be that every time I’d hit the water I’d burn within 1 hour so, I’d always have to get out, dry off, and reapply my sunscreen.  Since using your product I can stay out in the water for hours without having to reapply and I don’t get burnt – it’s great! Thank you guys SO much for a truly awesome product that works better than anything else out there!!

– Lynnessa W.



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