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Watermans Connor Baxter and Jenny Kalmbach recognized at SUP Awards – Paddle for Humanity deemed best philanthropic effort


Paddle for Humanity recognized for Philanthropic effort at 1st annual SUP Awards

San Clemente Casino, CA September 27 – The Paddle for Humanity (PFH) wrapped up in Washington, D.C., on August 20th after a three event run starting in Dana Point and stopping in Deerfield Beach on the way to the Capital.  However, the fun didn’t stop on the banks of the Potomac.  Last Thursday, SUP magazine recognized the PFH at the 2011 SUP awards, presented by Teva, with the award for top Philanthropic effort of 2011.


The award only further encourages the efforts of organizer, Watermans Applied Science to perpetuate the series.  “The Paddle for Humanity is really a community event,” said Race Director, Watermans’ Pete Stirling.  “Every stop we had people coming out of the woodwork to make the PFH happen… this series really belongs to the paddling community and we are behind it 110%.”  Watermans plans on expanding the 2012 series to four events.  Over 400 paddlers participated in the PFH this year.


In addition to the Paddle for Humanity, several Watermans Athletes were also recognized.  Top Male Paddler, Connor Baxter and Top Female Paddler Jenny Kalmbach were awarded for their contribution to the growing sport of SUP.  Kalmbach’s efforts on the Destination 3-degrees project were also recognized – the resulting documentary was awarded Movie of the Year.


The 2011 Paddle for Humanity series benefited SurfAid International; a non-profit humanitarian organization that has been instrumental in providing basic health care, malaria prevention, clean water and on-going health education programs to the people of the Mentawai Islands. The organization, which is based out of Australia, houses its US headquarters in Encinitas, CA.


The 2011 SUP awards, presented by Teva, are produced by SUP Magazine.  For photos and event details visit




SurfAid International

SurfAid International is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated communities connected to us through surfing. In partnership with communities and government, SurfAid works to prevent disease, suffering and death through educational programs that aim to change poor health behaviors and reduce the risk from natural disasters. SurfAid’s goal is to empower communities to help themselves and build local capacity so their improved health resilience is sustainable. To learn more about SurfAid go to


 or call 760-753-1103.



Watermans Applied Science

WATERMANS®: APPLIED SCIENCE stands committed to providing quality sun protection products to those individuals for whom life in the shade is not an option. They offer the best, most effective and functional, high-performance sunscreens on the market, specifically designed for high-intensity water and endurance athletes. Their sunscreen is formulated to stand up to the rigorous demands of an active life in the sun, wind and water. Their goal: to ensure a day in the sun doesn’t mean a lifetime of dealing with the consequences. To learn more about Watermans go to


 or call 949-596-0080.



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Who the f@#$% is Joe Foster?

Before becoming a fast talking, chain smoking, HB photog Joe Foster was many things…  He played guitar in a christian punk band during the OC straightedge blitz of the late 90’s.  He was a white leather jacket wearing booger charging pipe on a pice of day-glow foam and chain smoking dirts in the sand between sets.  He was bequeathed to a former one night spinoff from a foggy European tour that stocked him back to the US and pinned him down until he said “I do.”  Recently he has entrenched himself as the aforementioned local photographer  on staff with Katin and Watermans who has a freakish ability to pull down some interesting light.  For now we focus on the time he was kicked out of  Korea for being so damn good looking – a true life Zoolander right in our own back yard.  As told by Joe Foster:


I started [modeling] in the Asian triangle and got caught working in South Korea without a permit and put on house arrest.  This guy, Mr. Kim, owed me $30,000 and it looked like I was going to have to stay, but lucky for me my parents adopted a little girl from South Korea – we named her Kim – from Angel’s Haven and also my dad’s best friend is the president CEO of Samsung so they pulled some strings and got me out of there.  But I’m like, this guy owes me $30K and  I’m staying at his apartment so I plugged up all his drains turned on all the water, jacked the heat up to the max and threw the keys away.  Flood, heat, bomb, boom, lalalala… So now I’m in Japan again and I’m in a subway on my way to my agency when I look up and it is Mr. Kim.  He tells me I need to get back to Korea, he’s got a lot of jobs for me, etc…  I’m thinking – no way – I just got deported, but there was this Jean Paul Gaultier jacket that I really wanted and it was $800 bucks.  So he is like, meet so-and-so at the airport at eight o’clock and she will give you money for an airplane.  I’m thinking, I’ll go get the money for sure and buy the jacket.  However, at this point I wasn’t working much in Japan so I decided to go to Korea.  They let me in the country, I’m walking around for three days and this guy comes up to me and says my name.  He’s from immigration, black car pulls up, they toss me in the back and drive me straight to the airport.  They had all my stuff and walked me on the plane, deported me and banned me from ever coming back to Korea.  If they had caught me working I’d probably still be rotting in a Korean jail.  I was supposed to start the next day and they had followed me for 72-hours… That is crazy… Can you imagine me in a South East Asian jail with some big heavy, in there for murder, asking me why I’m in the slammer?  What am I supposed to say, I’m in here for modeling?





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East Oahu Lifeguards use Watermans sunscreen


We recently scored a half gallon of your sunscreen for our lifeguard tower at sandy beach shorebreak and wanted to say thank you and congratulations on an amazing product . We’ve nicknamed it ” the glue ” for how it goes on and how long it lasts. We’re all amped on the stuff and having spreading the word as much as possible .

Aloha and mahalo , east oahu lifeguard


Buy Now

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Connor Baxter wins 2011 Battle of the Paddle

Zane Shweitzer may have been more excited than the champ himself as he lifts Connor up on his shoulders. Connor was absolutely gassed after the closest Battle ever. The top three finishers; Connor Baxter, Jaime Mitchell, and Danny Ching were separated by seconds, and battled each other the entire race.
Special congratulations to Waterman’s Conner Baxter for his amazing win at the biggest SUP race of the year!

photo © 2011 Chris Bishow

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WATERMANS cleans up at the 2011 Hennessey International Paddleboard Champs (results)

Left to right:  1st overall 14′ Paddleboard Jay Scheckman, 1st >39 UL SUP Jared Vargas, 1st overall 12’6 SUP Jamie Mitchell, 1st 40-49 14′ SUP Chuck Patterson, 1st overall Stock Paddleboard Brian Murphy.  (Full results below)

This is the start of a big two weeks for paddleboard and SUP racing.  Last Saturday was the Hennessey International Paddleboard World Championships in Hermosa Beach, leading up to the Battle of the Paddle in Dana Point this Saturday-Sunday.  Throw in the Victory Wetsuits Surf Race last Sunday, the Catalina Island and WOD SUP events in two weeks and the Island to Island Relay on the 8th and you’ve got yourself a run of six strong events within 40-miles of eachother.

If last weekend was any sign of what is to come the Watermans team looks like it will make a strong showing.  Jay Scheckman and Brian Murphy finished off the traditional paddleboard season taking home $1,000USD each for 1st overall finishes in Hermosa.

Most notably, Australian and 10x [traditional] paddleboard world champion Jamie Mitchell took the cash for  12’6 with an overall victory over last years Battle of the Paddle Champion Danny Ching.  Mitchell’s dominance proved that he hasn’t back down a bit since Molokai and made anyone questioning his commitment to reclaiming his BOP title think twice.  Watermans’ Brandi Baksic finished a solid 3rd leading into BOP weekend.

Brandi and Jamie both took 2nd in the Victory surf race event Sunday.




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Hennessey Paddleboard International (World) Championships 2011 Results


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Molokai 2011 video featuring Jamie Mitchell and Jeff Denholm

Featuring Watermans Jamie Mitchell and Jeff Denholm.

[vimeo 28910110]


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I never got even close to sunburned


I just got back from 10 days of surfing in Mexico and I took one 33 SPF sun cream and one 33 SPF face stick. I never got even close to sunburned and was in the water for several hours at a time without reapplying.  I actually left the extra with our guides and I will definitely use your product again.  Thanks, Neil

From: Neil



Buy Now

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Community (Ohana): The Sandbridge Hei Hei

Kraig Vicker’s ti-leaf warrior’s lei caught in flight over Haleakala crater – Photo courtesy of Bill Gassett.


On August 6th US Special Forces lost 38 souls in Afghanistan.  Bill Gassett, a close member of the Watermas family, Navy diver (ret.) and god father of the Virginia Beach SUP community lost a close friend and paddling partner, Kraig Vickers.

For most of us this type of thing is simply experienced online or via the good old TV.  However we must remember that there are people who are willing to sacrifice themselves to help maintain that reality for the rest of us.  Kraig was one of them.

If you live in or around VB and can make it to the Sandbridge Hei Hei on October 8th please do so.  All proceeds from the event will go to the Kraig Vickers Memorial fund, benefiting his immediate family. If you are racing or paddling somewhere else that day consider doing so in Kraig’s memory.  Bill and his wife Anne have taken something sad and made it into something beautiful – a chance for the ocean Ohana to get together and celebrate what Kraig loved.  There are a lot of events out there these days.  This is the good kind.






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Kelly Slater claims Watermans Jamie Mitchell


When Kelly Slater called it a day with 1:25 left in heat 2, round 5, of the Quik NY Pro – leaving Jeremy Flores comboed and alone in foreign waters – respect probably wasn’t the first word that came to mind.


However, when Kelly hit the sand he didn’t claim it.  He didn’t remind us that he was the worlds best.  He didn’t spout off about the epic surf or the up coming semis.  He touted Jamie Mitchell.


Slater wasn’t the only 10x world champ in the water and he knew it.  (Mitchell was working as water patrol for the event.) The fact he took the time to share his spot light with a credible athlete who doesn’t get enough of that type of attention says a lot about the man.  It says a lot about the champion.



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