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“Duke’s OceanFest – Waikiki” By Connor Baxter


The Duke’s OceanFest is held each summer at the end of August. It’s a week long celebration in honor of Duke Kahanamoku, who is the definition of The Aloha Spirit.


It’s one of the events that I have not missed since I started Stand Up Paddling! It’s a fun event with loads of people, good food and just an all around good beach day with family and friends.The contest started on Wednesday August 21st, but my first event was held on Friday. This started with the Surf Race event on 12’6” boards – but was run a little different from the other races I have done.


It was run in heats, where 6 people went out and the top three made it to the next round. I managed to get two 1st places in the first two heats and made it to the finals. (more…)

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Paddle for Humanity Washington D.C. Photos

The Paddle for Humanity Washington D.C. was an epic event.  The first of its kind in the area, but certainly not the last.  Click the link below for the full gallery.



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A Day at the Beach

For most of us a day at the beach is no big deal, sometimes we take it for granted and even complain when the weather isn’t perfect, or the surf is small. For these kids, a day at the beach is just what the doctor ordered. All of these kids have life changing or life threatening diseases. They spend most of their time at CHOC hospital dealing with things on a daily basis that most of us will never have to face.
Hobie has put these days together for the kids a few times this year. The kids leave beaming, and the volunteers leave changed as well.

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Watermans Harley Clifford

[vimeo 28020827]











Harley uses the SPF33 Face Stick – Buy Now


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How to Surf Better – Paddle faster w/ Watermans Jamie Mitchell

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Somewhere on the way to his 10 championships, Jamie Mitchell picked up on a few things that can make anyone’s stroke more streamline. Photo: Hodgson/A-Frame

We could go on and on about the delicate intricacies of making you a better surfer (and trust us, we undoubtedly will) but there’s a seldom-sung-yet-hugely-important side to surfing that’s far too overlooked: Paddling. If you want to surf better, you’ll need to start catching more waves. And if you want to catch more waves, you’ll need to become a stronger paddler. To get your arms churning at capacity, we rang up 10-time paddleboard champ Jamie Mitchell for some insight. (more…)

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Naish Gorge Paddle Challenge with Jenny Kalmbach

By Jenny Kalmbach

This past weekend was the 1st Naish Gorge Paddle Challenge in Hood River, Oregon. It was such a great event and I had so much fun. For being in it’s first year, the competition was extremely tough – most of the top women in SUP were there which made it all the more exciting. Saturday was the 4.5 mile course race and the conditions were HOT & FLAT. I managed to get a great start but caught in some of the side chop from all the boards after the first buoy. I was tied for third in the middle of the first lap but after taking a sip of water I fell off the drafting “train”. Once you fall off the pack it is almost impossible to make up the distance!! I finished 4th overall for the women. It was definitely one of the most grueling races I have been in and I will need to start working on my drafting skills, which seem to make a big difference!! (more…)

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Paddle for Humanity Washington D.C. – RESULTS


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Connor Baxter shatters course record to make SUP history



I checked… it has never happened before.  When Chinese teen Sun Yang brooke swimming longest standing record this year in the men’s 1500m he did it by 0.42 seconds.  Even when 16-year old Ang Chuang Yang wrestled the world texting record from Ben Cook she did it by only 0.7 seconds.  It took 90-years for men’s marathon runners to cut the world record by 30-minutes and female runners have just barely done it.  On July 31st 16-year old Connor Baxter didn’t just crush the SUP course record by 28:05, he set a new overall course record for the famed Molokai2Oahu Paddleboard World Championships by over twenty-two, coming across the finish line in 4:26:10 – four minutes ahead of his closest competition. (more…)

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Watermans Patrice Chanzy

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Jamie Mitchell wins 10th straight world title


This is really about surfing.

Whether or not you follow traditional paddleboarding you have to respect it.  I’ve never been a great surfer, diver or paddler for that matter, but I can appreciate what it takes to be good at such things.  Traditional paddling is unique, especially in the Molokai Channel.

To be successful one has to be able to read the water like a top-40 surfer and be embodied with that Curren-esque quality that seemingly calls wave energy to him or her.  You need endurance, the ability to not stop moving for hour after hour of paddling until you can’t paddle any longer and then paddle some more.  Most importantly you need grit, (more…)

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