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Bill Laity sets a new Surfing world record

26 hours later Bill wished we made sunscreen for the eyes.

26 hours later Bill wished we made sunscreen for the eyes.

[youtube s7NKGtMIJso]


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Molokai is just around the corner

[vimeo 17245350]

If you are planning on joining us in 2011 you’ll need some good sunscreen.  Luckily we have the best in the world for watersports athletes.  Visit to buy online or find an authorized dealer by you.  Watermans is the official Sunscreen of the 2011 Molokai to Oahu: Paddleboard World Championships.


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So you want to be a better paddler…

You can't hide

You can't hide

“The Motor is more important than the boat…”

Mike Eaton

Surfing and Paddleboard Legend

A lot of things come into play when one is seeking to obtain his or her true athletic potential, but the sad truth is that one’s equipment rarely has anything to do with it.  After all, Kelly Slater developed the skill that would win him ten world titles riding a cheap, finless, foam body board in Florida slop.  However, that doesn’t deter the average practitioner of any sport from constantly upgrading and trading equipment in a crazed search for that “magic” board.

A runner up might blame equipment, nutrition, conditions, or a bad night sleep for his/her result, but the winner knows it came down to one truth.  Simply put, all things being equal, the person that trains the hardest (more…)

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Happy Holidays!

From the Watermans' Family

From the Watermans' Family

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The 5 Most Influential Standup Paddlers of 2010: Part 1

by Chris Bishow

With the immense growth of standup paddling over the last year, it has become a way of life for many of us. SUP has changed my life for the better in many ways. I love this tight knit community, and I hope that this little piece will bring us all a little closer.

I will be photographing the five most influential standup paddlers of 2010. The images and a short story about each will be posted here once a week until the end of the year.

Although this is my idea, in no way did I decide who the five paddlers would be. This is the most influential paddlers as voted by their peers. If you would like to vote, feel free to leave a comment, or send me a message, but time is running out!

So, in no particular order, here we go:

Chuck Patterson

From surf to race to business, Chuck is consistently leading the way. He is arguably the most diverse SUP surfer in the world, one of the most consistent racers, and his opinion is sought after by shapers and businessmen alike.

To outsiders, Chuck might appear a bit self indulged: the huge lifted truck, the Arnold-like physique, the spray-on perfect tan, etc, etc.
However, I know firsthand of Chuck’s generosity, and willingness to help others.

At last year’s International Paddle Championships, Chuck had a bit of bad luck, and looked frustrated after the race. As all the other competitors rushed off to the food, beer, and awards, Chuck took the time to show a few kids how to paddle. He even grabbed them a board and a paddle, gave them pointers, and talked with their parents as the kids beamed with excitement.

I could repeat this scenario a dozen times over. The truth of the matter is that Chuck’s love of everything SUP is extremely contagious, and his passion seems to be eternally fueled. In fact, on a trip earlier this year, I was beginning to wonder if Chuck ever slept. After a solid day of tow-ins and SUP surfing, I got my answer. (He does, occasionally)

Even though he’s an intensely competitive person (don’t even think of talking to him immediately prior to a race), Chuck knows that there’s more to winning than being fast.

See you next week to see who will be next!

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There’s no screen like Sunscreen

By Dr. Scott Neubauer

I had a late start at the office today, leaving me with a chance to get in a nice, long run before seeing my first patient. I don’t very often run during late morning hours—and today it was HOT! And bright. Sure, we’ve passed the solstice, but the sun is still very high and very bright in the sky.

Now that I’m an “old” man, I have become very good about wearing a hat and coating my body with sunscreen when running, paddling, hiking, surfing, etc. I was not always so diligent. At Ironman Hawaii in 2000, I decided not to wear sunscreen at all. I didn’t want it dripping into and burning my eyes, and the greasiness of so many sunscreens has always been a problem with sunglasses. So, I (foolishly) raced sans screen. The result? Oddly, no burn. I was VERY lucky and pretty stupid (though the absence of a burn does not mean that my skin/body was free of any damage from that day). (more…)

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Performance tip: Wear Sunscreen

Jon Ham of interviews Watermans‘ Pete Stirling on why and how sunscreen can positively affect athletic performance.

[youtube jSpLZBj7mp0&feature=player_embedded]

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Watermans Sunscreen Testimony

Online testimony from Alan on Facebook:

I used some helioplex like 50 spf..and when i would paddle out and duck dive it would instantly bleed into my eyes..which left me blinded and in burning pain trying to wash it off.  Watermans- however when u rubbed it in it was a little thicker left a nice coat on you and you could feel when it got wet that it wasn’t coming off…also it didn’t smear and run it to your eyes..
I cant wait to get me some more Watermans

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Watermans’ Jenny Kalmbach hits Costa Rica

Jenny Kalmbach and Morgan Hoesterey are heading to Costa Rica to further their cause and raise awareness to the growing issue of plastics in our oceans.  Along the way they will be teaming up with Kate Kalmbach, Jenny’s sister, to teach a SUP Yoga retreat in Pavones.  If you are in the area or thinking of making a trip this spring be sure to check them out.



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Review: The Best Sunscreen for Kayak Fishing is Watermans!

I’ve spent my life in and around the water and over the years I’ve heard all types and trades claim to be the most dedicated, persistent and inventive wave warriors.  However, few can claim it like the Kayak guys.  Those dudes are in the water every single morning, rain or shine, loaded to the gills with equipment and on the hunt.  Check out what Charles Levi Jr. of had to say about Watermans…

“I have been looking for a sunscreen to fit the needs us YakAnglers have for a very long time that will not just wash off if you should jump out of the yak and wade a little. I have finally found it, Watermans Applied Science is hands down the best sunscreen I have ever used. Watermans was made for folks like us that love the water and demand the highest quality protection while we do what we love. I have used all their products from their SPF 33 lip balm to their SPF 55 sun cream and one thing that stands out to me is that the sun cream doesn’t make my hands slick. This is a problem with other brands but Watermans has got it nailed down. Everyone from Surfers to Paddle Boarders use Watermans Because once you apply it you don’t have to keep applying it every time you get wet, infact you have to scrub it off in the shower just to get it off. Just because it’s almost Winter doesn’t mean you don’t need to wear sunscreen even with cold air and cloud cover the sun still does damage to your skin.”

For the full review and some great info, insight and editorial on every aspect of Kayak Fishing visit


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