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Austin Smith-Ford and Matt Myers featured in new Surf Video

Get Rad!

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Paleo What??? Weight loss Nutrition for Athletes with Dr. Evie

Weight Loss Nutrition for Athletes – One professional’s take on Paleo

The Paleo Diet and Paleo Diet for Athletes are getting a lot of word of mouth in the athletic community

these days, and for good reason.  I generally have avoided the fad diet books over the years, instead

advising my patients to eat as Michael Pollan suggests:  “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”.

Paleo has caught my attention because again and again, my patients who tried it got great results.  I’ve

seen great changes in body composition toward greater lean muscle mass and less fat mass, without

hunger or strange food restrictions, all the while these people were training and competing in various

sports – all the while I was advising people to avoid weight loss during competitive training periods.

I feel the need to “tweak” the plan for my patients because my ultimate goal is health, not weight loss,

and my goals are lifelong, realistic and sustainable.  Also, I think the Paleo premise is a bit silly.


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The Best Wakeboarders in the World use Watermans

Brian Grubb, Bob Soven and Harley Clifford represent

Orange County, CA.  May 21, 2010 – Watermans Applied Science is proud to announce the addition of Harley Clifford and Bob Soven to the team.  Clifford and Soven join Wake Skate pioneer Brian Grubb to represent the best of the best in Wake sports and Watermans is their sunscreen of choice.


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Hobie Standup Shootout

By Chris Bishow

South wind got you down?  Might as well beat the crap out of your friends somehow.

South wind got you down? Might as well beat the crap out of your friends somehow.

Congratulations to Chuck Patterson and Emmy Merrill for being the last paddlers standing at the Hobie Stand Up Shootout this past weekend… The shootout elimination format made for a great event , can’t wait for the next one!
Hobie has a great format. Eight man heats, 100 yard sprints, and the last man is out. Then you turn around and do it again…5 times. The first one is easy, but your lungs are burning by the 3rd or 4th one. Top 2 from each heat go to the final. Add in demo’s from many of the top SUP board manufacturers and you have a great day of fun for everyone. Thanks to Hobie for putting this together!

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The Kaiwi Channel OC1 Relay with Kainoa Beaupre


Here is a brief update on my travels to the Island of Molokai for the Kaiwi Channel OC1 Relay. The race was going to be a 42 mile relay from Molokai to Oahu which is usually a watermans dream when it comes to surfing bumps. Well, this year that wasn’t the case at all!! A matter of fact this years race was the complete opposite, absolutely grueling. Two weeks prior to the race I went up to Molokai with my crew, Pohaku Stone(escort da Red Bull jet ski), Sonny Julian( my official escort for all my travels, manning his 20ft. Boston Whaler ), and friend “Fuzzy” who accompanied me in my 32mile paddle home to Oahu. We made the crossing in 6 1/2 hours at a cruz pase just for the training. The conditions were perfect, with north east winds at about 20-25miles and good tide and beautiful weather our crossing was just how you would like to see the Kaiwi channel. (more…)

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Watermans’ Tyler Stanaland

Tyler gets loose

Tyler gets loose

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Watermans Harley Clifford takes the win in Acworth

New PWT Format Makes a Splash: Liquid Force’s Clifford and Galotifore take Wins in Acworth!

Acworth, Ga. – The MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour debuted its new format today at Dallas Landing Park in Acworth in front of one of its largest crowds to date. Fans poured in to see the Pro Men and Jr. Pro Men compete in their respective finals, and to witness the excitement of the Pro Tour’s new Main Event.


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Watermans’ Lucas Rogers wins Duck Village / Catch Surf Outer Banks Shootout, featured in ESM Fightclub

Fight Club


TURF: Duck Village Outfitters/ Catch Surf Outer Banks Shootout; Hayman Street, Kill Devil Hills, NC; May 14th, 2010

ENERGY: Loud. Even a quiet, grassroots affair like this couldn’t drown out the racket: contractors’ renourishment apparatus working overtime to undo the encroachment from Nor’Ida. Deprecating comedy from one-time sponger-turned-standup pro Jeff Myers. The screaming and whistling from comp directors Ricky Miller and Bob Hovey signaling the beginning and end of each heat, “Yo, guys in the water, your heat is OVER!!!” (Their bullhorn malfunctioned prior to the comp’s ignition.) Sure, the waves were only one to three-foot glass, but it was Florida-sunny, Bahamas-hot, and the first legitimate springsuit-able day all year long. So quit your bitching and go surf.

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Watermans’ Brian Mackenzie likes it hot

By Chris Bishow


Some people are not very smart. They decide to do things like run across Death Valley… in the middle of summer.
Ok, that’s fine, but now I’m being dragged into this ridiculous adventure. I don’t really want to go anywhere that has the word ‘death’ in the name. I’m not even sure if I like the word ‘valley’ all that much.
Ok, truth be told, I’m actually getting excited about all this. This photo is from a recent training run in Palm Springs with Brian Mackenzie, whom is neither stupid nor crazy. We will call him ‘special’…

Brian MacKenzie is the founder of Crossfit Endurance.  Watermans’ Staff Photographer Chris Bishow will be right there with him documenting every foot fall of his solo run through Death Valley Basin where temperatures reach up to 130F (55c), it is the most demanding and extreme running conditions on the planet.

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watermans’ harley clifford and bob soven

[youtube Y63dEiWbs78]

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